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Professor Mammad Aliyev‘s book "Continuation of the Great Road" published

22-06-2022 [ 11:44 ] [ read:108 ]
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The book "Continuation of the Great Way" (Book II) by the head of the Department of Turkish peoples' literature of ANA SInstitute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi, Doctor of Philology, Professor Mammad Aliyev has been published.

The scientific editor of the book is academician Isa Habibbayli. The author of the foreword "Collection of the continuation of the Great Way" (Book II) in the field of literary criticism "is Doctor of Philology Salida Sharifova. The reviewers are doctors of philological sciences, professors Asgar Rasulov and Sanan Ibrahimov. The editor-in-chief is doctor of philological sciences, associate professor Gurban Bayramov, the editor is researcher Sima Shafizade.

The 532-page book was published by "Elm ve Tehsil" Publishing House.

The book "Continuation of the Great Road" (Book II) (Studies on the Turkic peoples) contains articles published by the author in 1970-1980 and recently. Many of the articles in the book are based on historical and literary facts and are new to our literary historiography.

Several articles by N.Aliyeva, who died prematurely, were published in the book under the title "Hope for the Future".

Several articles of the author published in our press in 1970-1980 are given in the second chapter of the book under the title "Writing from the past".