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Rahid Ulusel‘s book was published in Germany

22-04-2022 [ 12:04 ] [ read:73 ]
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The philosopher's book was published in Germany after several countries

Two books by Rahid Ulusel, senior researcher of ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi, researcher of Ataturk Center in Azerbaijan, member of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor, have been published in Azerbaijan and Germany.

Rahid Ulusel's “Valley of Thought. Aphorisms” (“An Oasis of Thoughts. Aphorisms”) was published in Germany after Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and Iran. The book, translated by the author into English, was published by the European-based publishing house Epubli.

These aphorisms, which occupy an important place in the philosophical work of the professor, have the energy to further strengthen the most unbreakable threads that unite man and the world, to reach the depths of the abundance of meaning in our lives, to see shortcomings and resolutely reveal them. In general, they reflect the genre palette of aphorisms (idioms, slang, maxims, laconisms, paradigms, etc.) in a unique form, rich in content. The main purpose of the book is to awaken the sources of creative ideas of our historical time - the XXI century, to reflect on the difficulties, tensions and crises faced by mankind in the direction of epoch-making development.

This book, which focuses the Azerbaijani philosopher's sober and responsible thinking on how to live the universal values of humanity, is available for sale in prestigious libraries in Europe and on a number of leading websites around the world, including Amazon.