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Shirindil Alıshanlı. The right to life

29-03-2022 [ 13:16 ] [ read:52 ]
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The book "The right to life of the word" by the head of the Department of XX century (Soviet) Azerbaijan literature of the Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi, Doctor of Philology, Professor Shirindil Alishanli has been published.

The book is the result of the author's research conducted in recent years and contains the ideological and aesthetic essence of the twentieth-century Azerbaijani literary process. The publication raises the theoretical and methodological problems of modern criticism and literary criticism in interviews with various media outlets.

In the book "The right to life of the word" "Samad Vurgun's art in the context of modern literary and social realities", "Jafar Jabbarli's art in the test of time and art", "Mir Jalal phenomenon of XX century literature", "Nizami Ganjavi's poetry in Mir Jalal's theoretical commentary", "Read classics Hamid Arasli's lessons ”and other researches.

The editor of the book published by Sabah Publishing House is Doctor of Philology, Professor Gorkhmaz Guliyev.