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Our war and literature - Rahid Ulusel

29-09-2021 [ 13:24 ] [ read:29 ]
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Located in the Caucasus, where Asia and Europe meet - from the west coast of the Caspian Sea to the South, Azerbaijan is the most complex and important geopolitical complex of the planet. As one of the regions, it has gained great experience in state and cultural building, mastering the traditions of political, diplomatic and military struggle from time to time. has also created its own distinctive aesthetic space. Modern Azerbaijan, formed in the South Caucasus as a part of the Turkic world, is the inheritor of the great Turkic tradition with deep roots - the state of life and war - the centuries-old history of nationhood in Eurasia from the Blue Turks to the Seljuks. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic is just a bright spark of this great history that gives impetus to our modern sovereignty.