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Basira Azizali. Muhammad Iqbal: Poet of love and thought

03-12-2021 [ 11:14 ] [ read:28 ]
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"Muhammad Iqbal: Poet of Love and Thought" monograph dedicated to the prominent Pakistani poet, philosopher Mohammad Iqbal has published by the senior researcher of the Department of Azerbaijan-Asian literary relations of ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi, Doctor of Philology Basira Azizali.The monograph is the 24th edition of "Scientific passport of the artist" series. The scientific adviser of the book is Academician Isa Habibbayli, the scientific editor is Doctor of Philology, Professor Badirkhan Ahmadli, the reviewers are Doctor of Philology, Professor Imamverdi Hamidov and the Director of the Muslim Institute of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Junagadh province, Professor Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali.Basira Azizali's book is the first monograph dedicated to Mohammad Iqbal in Azerbaijan. 

In the foreword to the book, M. Iqbal advocated the material and spiritual development of Muslims in the last century, the establishment of relations between East and West on the basis of peaceful and tolerant values.The poet repeatedly stressed that the status of humanity is higher than the heavens, and respect for man is the basis of culture.The book evaluates the literary-philosophical, national-spiritual, socio-political views of Mohammad Iqbal, who is valued as the spiritual founder of Pakistan, reflected in his poems and prose.

The 228-page book, which is an important contribution to the development of literary and cultural ties between Azerbaijan and Pakistan has been published by Elm ve Tehsil Publishing House.