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Shamil Salmanov. Great creative way

16-11-2020 [ 13:47 ] [ read:110 ]
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The book "The Great Creative Way" (Selected Articles and Interviews) by critical scientist Shamil Salmanov has been published.

The scientific editor of the book published by the decision of the Scientific Council of ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi and the author of the foreword is head of the Department of Literary Theory, Doctor of Philology, Professor Tahira Mammad.

The book was compiled and prepared for publication by Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor Simuzar Ismayilova, reviewers: Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor Mahammadali Mustafayev and Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor Parvana Isayeva.

The articles are divided into three sections according to the topic and problems. The first section contains Shamil Salmanov's articles on the history and theory of criticism and literary criticism, as well as the main directions of the scientific activities of prominent scholars who played an important role in the formation and development of Azerbaijani literary criticism.

The second section of the book includes articles of the scientist on the analysis of the creative heritage of representatives of different generations of modern Azerbaijani poetry.

The third section contains the interviews of a prominent critic - the literary process and his views and opinions on literary criticism.